Protégé Spotlight: Jill Treadway, JT Engineering

Leaving a long time, well paying position is never easy at the best of times. But leaving a secure, senior position for the complete unknown of being an entrepreneur—that’s downright terrifying. So when Jill Treadway decided it was time to transition from her role in Department of Transportation into starting her own engineering firm, it wasn’t a decision she took lightly. The opportunity arose when in 2005 when the Department made changes to how they were… Read more »

Protégé Spotlight: Tricia Rose

Our latest Protégé to be featured in the Protégé Spotlight is Tricia Rose!  Tricia has been an extraordinary success story—awarded the Wisconsin SBA 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, she has overcome considerable adversity on her way to her current position as owner and operator of Rose Publications, a Wisconsin Certified Woman-Owned Minority Business Enterprise.  Her story is an inspirational one—both for what she has overcome, and what she has achieved.   Tricia was born… Read more »

Protégé Spotlight: Gail Orkay

It’s often been noted that the Chinese symbol for “Crisis” is composed of two characters – the symbol for danger, and the symbol for opportunity. Looking at our latest Protégé spotlight, Gail Orkay, the combination couldn’t possibly be more appropriate. In 1998, Gail was diagnosed with severe level of fibromyalgia.  Chronic, debilitating pain, muscle discomfort and digestive problems followed.  When other attempts proved unable to assist in her recovery, a family friend introduced her to Jin Shin Jyutsu. Jin… Read more »